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Classification of Palm Trees [Arecaceae]

Containing the Complete list of all the world's palm tree species [Arecaceae]

This is the current recognised classification of the order of palms according to: John Dransfield, Natalie W. Uhl, Conny B. Asmussen, William J. Baker, Madeline M. Harley and Carl E. Lewis (2008) Genera Palmarum - The evolution and classification of palms. Organised by the Phylogenetic relationships among Palm genera. There are still areas of uncertainty, but it is believed that the higher-level classification of subfamilies, tribes and subtribes is largely robust and unlikely to require substantial change. Uncertainties in inter-generic relationships and generic circumscription remain, and the field of species-level phylogenetics remains wide open. (This version contains revisions to that original published order).

This list is a free to use horticultural and conservation research tool, and contains the current, up-to-date list of all the world's palm tree species. Each contained within their classification order.

Click on any of the Scientific names in the list to load detailed facts and information about the species, also to open / close the list.

Please Note: These lists and all specie information pages linked from these are a work in progress. And are under continuous, infinite revision. We welcome user feedback regarding any errors, typos and your opinions of the facts contained. Contact us links can be found on the bottom of each specie page.


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Palm Family Arecaceae (Palmae)

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