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Calamus siphonospathus var. siphonospathus
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Calamus siphonospathus var. siphonospathus

Family: Arecaceae    Palm Tree

Common Name: Lanyu sheng-teng

Scientific Synonymy:
Calamus siphonospathus var. batanensis, Calamus siphonospathus var. sublaevis, Calamus batanensis

Cold Hardiness Zone: 10b     View the UK and US zone maps

Calamus siphonospathus var. siphonospathus Information

Stems solitary, to 30 m long and 5 cm diameter (with leaf sheaths); leaf sheaths yellowish-brown, sparsely covered with needle-like, yellowish spines to 1 cm long; knee obscure; ocreas present, membranous; flagella absent; petioles to 20 cm long; pinnae to 50 per side of rachis, linear, regularly arranged, closely spaced to 2 cm apart; cirri present, to 1 m long. Inflorescence bracts open and diameter, yellowish-brown.

General Information:
This species is known only from the Philippines, and just reaches Taiwan on Lanyu Island. It is very variable morphologically, and six varieties are recognized (Lapis, 1987). The Taiwan plants were placed, without discussion, in var. sublevis Becc. by Chang (1988).


Native to, Philippines, Taiwan

Location: Philippines. Luzon. And Lanyu Island Taiwan (22.054205°N, 121.552734°E)

Map may not represent the complete natural distribution. (Markers display observation data).

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