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During the 27 years, since late 1996, that we have been distributing seeds world-wide, we have successfully delivered packets of seeds to over 170 countries around the world, and we can deliver seeds to you in without problem. Distribution of plants is essentially throughout the UK and EEC. However, we can ship wholesale quantities to almost any country in the world. Shipping for Palm seeds, Cycad seeds, Banana seeds, Succulent seeds and most other Exotic seeds is to any destination world-wide delivery.

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There is one other important feature that I must tell you about
In the situation of seeds, freshness is an important issue. Obviously we are very familiar with the expected shelf-life of each species we deal with. Some species have a shelf-life of just a few days under optimum storage conditions others may have a shelf-life of a year or more. Our system automatically knows this for each species and based on the date they were added to the system it will display each species as being NEW if it's calculated as being fresh in. Additionally, we are offering a new service here. When a species gets to within a month of the end of its shelf life (where germination rates are still expected to be high) then we now sell these seeds off at a reduced rate, and all these on sale will be flagged with the word SALE.

rare palm seeds

If it's palms you're looking for then you've come to the right place. Our database includes every officially recognised palm species in the world. All are listed using the correct, up-to-date botanical scientific name. But you don't have to know the botanical name of the palm you're looking for, you may search for any name; scientific, common, scientific synonyms, common synonyms, many other language-names are searchable, but not all, it's better to search a Latin or English name. Your search results will pull out all species similar to your request, but listed with the botanically correct name. Obviously we don't hold stock of every species in the world, it's doubtful we will ever be able to do that. What we have will be clearly displayed.

It's not only palms here though; many other plant species are also listed in the database. Mainly exotics, but there are commoner species as well. All are accessible through the menu on the right hand side or searchable.