Geonoma orbignyana subsp. orbignyana

Family: Arecaceae    Palm Tree

Common Name: None known

Scientific Synonymy:
G. jussieuana, G. lindeniana, G. pumila, G. linearifolia, G. ramosa, G. margyraffia, G. goniocarpa, G. microclada, G. lepidota, G. paleacea, G. pachydicrana, G. aulacophylla, G. plicata, G. wilsonii

Cold Hardiness Zone: 8a     View the UK and US zone maps

Geonoma orbignyana subsp. orbignyana Information

Stems solitary or clustered, errect, rarely creeping, 1-5 m tall and 1.5-6 cm diameter, light brown. Leaves 6-15; blade regularly divided into 2-20 broad and narrow, ridgid leaflets per side. Inflorescence borne among the leaves, branched to one order; peduncle 12-50 cm long, covered with a thick woolly tomentum;

General Information:
One of the more common palms in the Andes. Geonoma orbignyana grows at the highest elevation for any palm, and along with Geonoma undata and Ceroxylon parvifrons it can occur at over 3500 m elevation.


Native to, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela

Understorey of montane rain forest on slopes, at 1200-3150 m elevation.

Location: Ecuador (-3.814562°N, -78.750000°E)

Map may not represent the complete natural distribution. (Markers display observation data).
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