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Complete list of all the world's palm tree species [Arecaceae]

This list is a free to use horticultural and conservation research tool, and contains the current, up-to-date list of all the world's palm tree species.

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The below-listed species are considered cold-hardy to zone: 9b   View the UK and US zone maps

Scientific Name Common Name Zone Count
Acanthophoenix crinitaYellow Barbel Palm 9b 1
Acanthophoenix rousseliiRoussel's Barbel Palm 9b 2
Acanthophoenix rubraRed Barbel Palm 9b 3
Acoelorrhaphe wrightiiEverglades Palm 9b 4
Acrocomia emensis  9b 5
Acrocomia mediaPrickly Palm 9b 6
Adonidia merrilliiChristmas Palm 9b 7
Aiphanes chiribogensis  9b 8
Aiphanes duquei  9b 9
Aiphanes gelatinosa  9b 10
Aiphanes hirsuta subsp. intermedia  9b 11
Aiphanes horridaCoyure Palm 9b 12
Aiphanes leiostachys  9b 13
Aiphanes lindeniana  9b 14
Aiphanes simplex  9b 15
Aiphanes spicata  9b 16
Aiphanes weberbaueri  9b 17
Allagoptera arenariaRestinga Palm 9b 18
Allagoptera leucocalyx  9b 19
Archontophoenix cunninghamianaIllawarra Bangalow Palm 9b 20
Archontophoenix purpureaMt. Lewis King Palm 9b 21
Archontophoenix tuckeriPeach Creek Palm 9b 22
Arenga caudataMiniature Sugar Palm 9b 23
Arenga microcarpaSago Sugar Palm 9b 24
Astrocaryum triandrum  9b 25
Attalea amygdalina  9b 26
Attalea cohuneCohune palm 9b 27
Attalea dubia 9b 28
Attalea geraensis 9b 29
Attalea nucifera  9b 30
Attalea rostrata  9b 31
Bactris maraja var. chaetospatha  9b 32
Bactris mexicana var. mexicana  9b 33
Bactris setosa 9b 34
Bactris setulosa 9b 35
Basselinia velutina  9b 36
Beccariophoenix madagascariensisGiant Window Palm 9b 37
Bismarckia nobilis sp. silverSilver Bismarck Palm 9b 38
Borassus aethiopumPalmyra palm 9b 39
Butia exilata  9b 40
Butia lepidotispatha  9b 41
Butia matogrossensis  9b 42
Butia noblickii  9b 43
Butia pubispatha  9b 44
Butia quaraimana  9b 45
Calamus albidusWhitish Rattan 9b 46
Calamus erectusUpright Rattan 9b 47
Calamus kebariensis  9b 48
Calamus latifolius  9b 49
Caryota maxima sp. himalayaMountain Fish Tail 9b 50
Caryota obtusaGiant Fishtail Palm 9b 51
Caryota ochlandraChinese Fishtail Palm 9b 52
Ceroxylon parvumDwarf Wax Palm 9b 53
Ceroxylon sasaimaeSasaima Wax Palm 9b 54
Chamaedorea brachyclada  9b 55
Chamaedorea cataractarumCascade Palm 9b 56
Chamaedorea elatiorClimbing Chamaedorea 9b 57
Chamaedorea elegansParlor Palm 9b 58
Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti  9b 59
Chamaedorea glaucifoliaGlaucous Parlour Palm 9b 60
Chamaedorea graminifolia  9b 61
Chamaedorea hooperianaMaya Palm 9b 62
Chamaedorea klotzschianaBow Tie Palm 9b 63
Chamaedorea macrospadix  9b 64
Chamaedorea metallicaMetallic palm 9b 65
Chamaedorea murriensis  9b 66
Chamaedorea oreophila  9b 67
Chamaedorea pachecoana  9b 68
Chamaedorea plumosa  9b 69
Chamaedorea pumila  9b 70
Chamaedorea queroana  9b 71
Chamaedorea robertii  9b 72
Chamaedorea sartorii  9b 73
Chamaedorea simplex  9b 74
Chamaedorea tenerrimaFlare Palm 9b 75
Chamaedorea tepejilotePacaya Palm 9b 76
Chamaedorea tuerckheimiiPotato-Chip Palm 9b 77
Chamaedorea undulatifolia  9b 78
Chamaedorea verecunda  9b 79
Chambeyronia macrocarpaHouailou Red Leaf Palm 9b 80
Chuniophoenix hainanensisHainan Fan Palm 9b 81
Chuniophoenix nana  9b 82
Clinostigma savoryanumBonin Islands Palm 9b 83
Coccothrinax argentataSilver Thatch Palm 9b 84
Coccothrinax argenteaHispaniola Silver Thatch Palm 9b 85
Coccothrinax barbadensisPuerto Rican Thatch Palm 9b 86
Coccothrinax borhidianaBorhidis Guano Palm 9b 87
Coccothrinax crinita subsp. crinitaShort Hair Old Man Palm 9b 88
Coccothrinax gracilisHispaniola Silver Palm 9b 89
Coccothrinax macroglossa  9b 90
Coccothrinax miraguama subsp. miraguamaMiraguama Palm 9b 91
Coccothrinax proctoriiProctor's Silver Palm 9b 92
Coccothrinax spissaHispaniola Belly Palm 9b 93
Copernicia fallaensisGiant Yarey Palm 9b 94
Copernicia glabrescens var. glabrescensGuano Palm 9b 95
Copernicia hospita  9b 96
Copernicia pruniferaCarnauba Wax Palm 9b 97
Cryosophila stauracanthaRoot Spine Palm 9b 98
Cryosophila warscewiczii 9b 99
Cyphokentia cerifera  9b 100
Dictyocaryum lamarckianumAndean Royal Palm 9b 101
Dictyosperma album var. aureumRodrigues Hurricane Palm 9b 102
Dictyosperma album var. conjugatumRound Island Hurricane Palm 9b 103
Dypsis andilamenensis  9b 104
Dypsis baroniiSugar Cane Palm 9b 105
Dypsis bernieriana  9b 106
Dypsis brevicaulis  9b 107
Dypsis cookei  9b 108
Dypsis fibrosaMountain Vonitra Palm 9b 109
Dypsis gautieri  9b 110
Dypsis hildebrandtii  9b 111
Dypsis jeremiei  9b 112
Dypsis jumelleana  9b 113
Dypsis leucomallaWhite petiole dypsis 9b 114
Dypsis lokohensis  9b 115
Dypsis louvelii  9b 116
Dypsis lutea  9b 117
Dypsis malcomberiMalcomber palm 9b 118
Dypsis marojejyiMadagascar Foxtail Palm 9b 119
Dypsis pilulifera  9b 120
Dypsis pinnatifrons  9b 121
Dypsis plumosaFine leaf Palm 9b 122
Dypsis prestonianaTavilo Palm 9b 123
Dypsis pulchella  9b 124
Dypsis rakotonasoloi  9b 125
Dypsis sancta  9b 126
Dypsis spicata  9b 127
Dypsis tenuissima  9b 128
Dypsis thiryanaTsinkiara Palm 9b 129
Dypsis tsaravoasiraBeragoka Palm 9b 130
Dypsis utilisWater Vonitra palm 9b 131
Dypsis zahamenae  9b 132
Euterpe broadwayi  9b 133
Euterpe catinga var. catinga  9b 134
Euterpe catinga var. roraimae  9b 135
Euterpe longibracteata  9b 136
Euterpe luminosa  9b 137
Euterpe precatoria var. longivaginata  9b 138
Gaussia attenuataLlume Palm 9b 139
Geonoma brenesii  9b 140
Geonoma chlamydostachys  9b 141
Geonoma concinna subsp. concinna  9b 142
Geonoma euspatha  9b 143
Geonoma ferruginea subsp. nicaraguensis  9b 144
Geonoma fosteri  9b 145
Geonoma macrostachys  9b 146
Geonoma monospatha  9b 147
Geonoma peruviana  9b 148
Geonoma pinnatifrons subsp. membranacea  9b 149
Geonoma pinnatifrons subsp. pinnatifrons  9b 150
Geonoma pinnatifrons subsp. platybothros  9b 151
Geonoma pohliana subsp. gastoniana  9b 152
Geonoma sanmartinensis  9b 153
Geonoma santanderensis  9b 154
Geonoma schottianaGuarika Palm 9b 155
Geonoma spinescens  9b 156
Geonoma stricta subsp. arundinacea  9b 157
Geonoma triglochin  9b 158
Geonoma undata subsp. skovii  9b 159
Geonoma undata subsp. tacarcunensis  9b 160
Geonoma undata subsp. venezuelana  9b 161
Hedyscepe canterburyanaUmbrella Palm 9b 162
Howea belmoreanaCurly Palm 9b 163
Howea forsterianaKentia Palm 9b 164
Hyospathe elegansHog Palm 9b 165
Hyospathe macrorhachis  9b 166
Hyphaene compressaEast African Doum Palm 9b 167
Hyphaene coriaceaIlala Palm 9b 168
Hyphaene dichotomaIndian Doum Palm 9b 169
Hyphaene guineensis  9b 170
Hyphaene macrosperma  9b 171
Hyphaene reptans  9b 172
Hyphaene thebaicaDoum Palm 9b 173
Laccospadix australasicusAtherton Palm 9b 174
Lanonia centralis  9b 175
Lanonia dasyanthaVietnamese Paradise Palm 9b 176
Lanonia hainanensisHainan Hat Palm 9b 177
Lanonia hexasepala  9b 178
Lanonia magalonii  9b 179
Latania lontaroidesRed Latan Palm 9b 180
Lepidorrhachis mooreanaLittle Mountain Palm 9b 181
Licuala fordiana  9b 182
Licuala grandisRuffled Fan Palm 9b 183
Linospadix monostachyosWalking Stick Palm 9b 184
Livistona alfrediiMillstream Palm 9b 185
Livistona benthamiiBentham's Fountain Palm 9b 186
Livistona carinensisBankouale palm 9b 187
Livistona drudei  9b 188
Livistona fulva  9b 189
Livistona jenkinsianaMajor Jenkins' Fan Palm 9b 190
Livistona lanuginosaCape River Fan Palm 9b 191
Livistona mariaeCentral Australian Fan Palm 9b 192
Livistona nasmophila  9b 193
Livistona nitidaCarnavon Palm 9b 194
Livistona saribusTaraw Palm 9b 195
Livistona victoriae  9b 196
Loxococcus rupicolaCrook Fruit Palm 9b 197
Lytocaryum hoehneiHoehne's Miniature Coconut Palm 9b 198
Lytocaryum weddellianumMiniature Coconut Palm 9b 199
Nannorrhops ritchiana sp. silverSilver Mazari Palm 9b 200
Parajubaea sunkhaZunca Palm 9b 201
Phoenix atlantica  9b 202
Phoenix caespitosa  9b 203
Phoenix loureiroi var. loureiroi sp. formosanaTaiwan Date Palm 9b 204
Phoenix reclinataSenegal Date Palm 9b 205
Phoenix sylvestrisSilver Date Palm 9b 206
Phytelephas schottiiIvory Palm 9b 207
Pinanga dicksonii  9b 208
Pinanga rigida  9b 209
Pinanga sylvestrisChocolate Cane Palm 9b 210
Plectocomia assamica  9b 211
Plectocomia himalayanaHimalaya Rattan Palm 9b 212
Plectocomia khasyana  9b 213
Prestoea ensiformis  9b 214
Prestoea schultzeanaMarsh Palm 9b 215
Prestoea simplicifolia  9b 216
Pseudophoenix lediniana  9b 217
Pseudophoenix sargentiiCherry Palm 9b 218
Pseudophoenix viniferaBuccaneer Palm 9b 219
Ptychococcus lepidotusBow Palm 9b 220
Ravenea albicansWhite Majesty Palm 9b 221
Ravenea beentjei  9b 222
Ravenea dransfieldii  9b 223
Ravenea hildebrandtiiDwarf Majesty Palm 9b 224
Ravenea hypoleuca  9b 225
Ravenea julietiaeJuliet's Palm 9b 226
Ravenea lakatraIronwood Palm 9b 227
Ravenea latisecta  9b 228
Ravenea louvelii  9b 229
Ravenea moorei  9b 230
Ravenea rivularisMajesty Palm 9b 231
Ravenea robustiorMonimony Palm 9b 232
Rhapis cochinchinensisLaos Lady Palm 9b 233
Rhapis gracilisDwarf Lady Palm 9b 234
Rhapis robustaGuangxi Lady Palm 9b 235
Rhapis subtilisThai Lady Palm 9b 236
Rhopalostylis sapidaSouth Island Nikau Palm 9b 237
Sabal gretherae  9b 238
Sabal mauritiiformisBay Palmetto 9b 239
Satakentia liukiuensisSatake Palm 9b 240
Schippia concolorSilver Pimento Palm 9b 241
Socratea rostrataGualte Stilt Root Palm 9b 242
Syagrus allagopteroidesFalse Buri Palm 9b 243
Syagrus angustifolia  9b 244
Syagrus cardenasiiCorocito Palm 9b 245
Syagrus cerqueirana  9b 246
Syagrus graminifolia  9b 247
Syagrus harleyiFox Palm 9b 248
Syagrus longipedunculata  9b 249
Syagrus minor  9b 250
Syagrus pleiocladoides  9b 251
Syagrus procumdens  9b 252
Syagrus romanzoffianaLitoralis Queen palm 9b 253
Synechanthus fibrosusMonkey Tail Palm 9b 254
Trithrinax biflabellata  9b 255
Trithrinax brasiliensis var. brasiliensisBrazilian needle palm 9b 256
Wallichia caryotoidesThai Dwarf Fishtail Palm 9b 257
Wallichia distichaDistichous Fishtail Palm 9b 258
Wallichia gracilis  9b 259
Wallichia marianneae  9b 260
Wallichia nana  9b 261
Wallichia triandra  9b 262
Wettinia aequatorialis  9b 263
Wettinia anomala  9b 264
Wettinia disticha  9b 265
Wettinia fascicularis  9b 266
Wettinia kalbreyeriMacana Palm 9b 267
Wettinia lanata  9b 268
Wettinia maynensisWalte Palm 9b 269
Wettinia microcarpa  9b 270
Wettinia minima  9b 271
Wettinia praemorsa  9b 272
Zombia antillarumZombi Palm 9b 273