Terms of Business

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Shipping Charges:
This is calculated for the order we have to send, and at the time we send it. Shipping charge is added to all orders calculated at the cheapest possible cost. Orders up to 2Kg are usually sent via Royal Mail. Order weights over 2Kg are usually sent via a carrier. Airfreight is generally the cheapest option for very large orders. If you have any special delivery requirements or instructions, please list them under "Comments" on the order form.

It is preferred, that we dispatch the whole of your order at once. Usually within 12 hours, immediately after receiving payment. However, you may delay and arrange for a specific delivery date of your choosing. If you have any special requirements or instructions, please list them on the check-out form under " Comments ".

Return Policy:
Money back guarantee within 7 days of receipt in case of wrong species or damaged seeds. Damaged packages with contents lost or damaged must be reported to the shipping company upon receipt.
For obvious reasons we cannot guarantee the germination of seeds; however, we will replace any seed if our own results suggest the seed has not been good.
IMPORTANT: please e-mail us BEFORE returning anything. Returns without prior notification will not be accepted.

For fastest delivery, we recommended using a credit card.
We can only accept payment in the following currencies: Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and US Dollars (USD).
Payment options include:
Secure instant on-line credit card.
Paypal: either from your Paypal account, credit card or bank upload.
Cheque: (UK banks only).
Bank Transfer of funds.
Cash: (requires prior arrangement)

Contacting US:
If contacting regarding a specific order then please quote the order number in your correspondence.

Trebrown Nurseries
Trebrown Farm
PL14 3PU
United Kingdom

Tel: (44) (0)1503 240 170 - (Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm GMT) Arrange by e-mail first if phoning out of hours from overseas.
E-mail: For security reasons you may e-mail us using our secure e-mailing system.

Replacements for Seeds Out of Stock:
We do not substitute seeds which are out of stock with seeds of a different species. This cannot ever happen, as the seeds listed on this site are a reflection of the stock on hand. If the seeds were in your shopping cart, and were then checked out and paid for then they will be despatched to the address provided.

Many countries require a phytosanitary certificate to allow a shipment of seeds to enter their borders. The phytosanitary certificate is issued by our agricultural inspectors DEFRA and accompanies a shipment of seeds or bare root seedlings to declare its apparent freedom from harmful organisms such as insects, fungus, etc.
If you are ordering from one of the following destinations, you do NOT require a phytosanitary certificate, import permit, or the like and you can skip the rest of this page: European Union, Switzerland, Norway, most of Eastern Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the Philippines.
For bare root palm seedlings shipped anywhere outside of the EC we will automatically accompany every shipment with a phytosanitary certificate, whether you request it or not, which we will supply at cost.
United States of America:
Since January 22nd, 2002, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is enforcing a phytosanitary certificate requirement when importing any plant products, including seeds, into the USA.
To facilitate the issuing of phytosanitary certificates and to legally import plant material into the USA, you should have a USDA import permit. If you have one, please let us know your permit number. If not, we urge you to apply for one with the APHIS ASAP and send us your permit number and stickers as soon as you receive them. Applications are free and (PPQ Form 587) can be downloaded here. Click on " Import Authorization System ". Or, call 1-877-770-5990 for more information. Allow approximately 2 weeks for processing. Your permit will be for bare root palm seedlings and/or seeds (Arecaceae) and will be valid for about 6 years before it needs to be renewed.
Please e-mail us if you need any further assistance.
The following countries require a phytosanitary certificate: Canary Islands (large orders only), Canada, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Suriname, Colombia, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal, Sudan, South Africa, Réunion, Mayotte, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, and Australia (large orders only).
Please e-mail us for import procedures if you are ordering from: Mexico, Barbados, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, U.A.E., Malaysia, Indonesia, or New Caledonia.
India: Please contact your authorities or an import agency for procedures.
New Zealand: All shipments must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate except Cycad seeds. Please check the MAF's " http://www.maf.govt.nz/biosecurity/imports/plants/seeds-sowing.htm positive list " of which species are permitted for import. If your desired seeds are not on their list, please e-mail us. Our seeds get accepted into virtually every country around the world.
Special requirements for phytosanitary certificates or other declarations can be met for practically any destination worldwide (Please give details on the check-out form under " Comments ").
Please e-mail us if you are not sure about your country's requirements.

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