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Colocasia formosana
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Colocasia formosana

Family: Araceae   

Common Name: Formosan Wild Mountain Taro

Cold Hardiness Zone: 9b     View the UK and US zone maps

Colocasia formosana Information

Perennial, evergreen herbs with corm, sometimes stoloniferous. Leaves broad ovate to ovate-cordate, apex acute, margin entire, base cordate, green, 25-40 cm long, 20-25 cm broad, peltate; petiole green. Inflorescences in axil, peduncle 20-30 cm long. Spathe white, oblong, convolute, apex acuminate, distinct constricted; spadix 13-15 cm long; monoecious, flowers unisexual, female portion green, sterile protion slender, male portion white; appendix about 3 cm long. Berry oblong, orange; seeds many.

General Information:
This common wild taro grows on the wet forest floor at altitudes of 1000-1800 m asl in the mountains of Taiwan.


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