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Carludovica palmata
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Carludovica palmata

Family: Cyclanthaceae   

Common Name: Panama Hat Palm

Scientific Synonymy:
Ludovia palmata, Salmia palmata, Salmia jamaicensis, Carludovica incisa, Carludovica palmata var. humilis, Carludovica serrata

Cold Hardiness Zone: 10b     View the UK and US zone maps

Carludovica palmata Information

General Information:
Carludovica palmata is a palmlike plant that reaches 5 feet to 8 feet in height. Although it is a member of the Cyclanthaceae family, considered close relatives of the Palmae (Arecaceae) family, C. palmata and the rest of the Cyclanthaceae are not palms at all. This plant is famous for it's use in making Panama hats. Despite its name, the famous 'Panama hat' did not originate in Panama at all, but in Ecuador


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