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As an affiliate to Trebrown Nurseries it is to both our interests for your site to attract as many visitors as it can. It is for this reason that we are sharing with you our wealth of information regarding positioning, and high ranking in search engines and directories. This white paper, though long and hard reading will tell you all about search sites, directories, meta tags, keyword repetition and many other facts regarding getting your site ranking high in search results.

Right now though!
I want to talk about the positioning of our banners and links on your site.

We do our best to make our affiliate banners as attractive as possible to attract your web site visitor's clickthroughs. We also make them in many shapes and sizes to fit your site. However, this is a pointless exercise if you don't position the banners and links where people can easily see them.

The ideal position for the large horizontal (468x60 pixel) banner images is at the top of a page where visitors don't have to scroll the page to be able to see them. The first or main page (homepage) to your site is by far the best page for banner links. This is usually the first page anyone will see when visiting your site, and if your visitors come in through one of your other pages, which often happens, they will usually click through to your homepage at least once during a visit. It is a fact that the deeper into your web site you place the affiliate link the fewer people will see it and click on it.

Of course, you can place as many of our banners and links on your site as you wish. You wouldn't really want more than 1 banner and 1 text link on a single page (we don't want to scare them off). But you could place them on the top or down the sides (as you would with our skyscrapers and buttons) on all your other pages.

Adding one of our banners or text links to your site should take you no more than 30 minutes and is definitely the best way to generate easy money from your website. Unlike many other ideas that have come and gone! Banner advertising has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web back in 93, so it has proven to be successful.